Discoverers’ Race

Data: June 20, 2017

Title: Explorers’ Race
Status: published, 10-2017
Jarosław Biliński
Radosław Jaszczuk

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Board game Explorers’ Race allows to play the role of an explorer travelling the world in quest for secret places, objects and old notes. The goal of the players is to get as many points as possible.

Game world

The actions takes place at the close of the 19th century, in 1900. Fictional organization, Adventure Office, organizes competition for adventurers, and its goal is to prove that despite technological progress, there are still things to discover. The players travel from city to city by stagecoach, railway, ship and set off on the expeditions. On the world map, there are Secret Locations that you walk to on foot, in which you can have adventures and Familiar Locations, vaults and dungeons, in which quests can be conducted.

You can find 5 continents, 18 towns, 21 Secret Locations and 5 Familiar Locations on the world map. In total, more than 50 places and objects can be discovered. During the expedition and quests, the players may have as many as 140 various adventures and each of them offers many options.


The players may select from six characters having various level of skills. Each skill has specific value and can be useful in various tasks. Selecting a character is a key decision because it gives opportunity to conduct quests, however, it’s the player who decides where to go.


During the game, you may develop abilities of your character by purchasing equipment. Tools add bonuses to skills, and the maps make it easier to find certain places. Equipment can be bought on the marketplaces in main cities located one on each continent. Some of the tools can be used during expeditions into the unknown, other tools may help during the quests in the dungeons.


During the race, the players setting off on an expedition to the Secret Locations and conducting quests in Familiar Locations will have various adventures and then they have to make important decisions. Each card of expedition and quest offers separate adventures and usually a few solutions.


The players get score cards after making a discovery. Each discovery guarantees specific number of points. Many finds, especially treasures, a player may sell and exchange for money in order to invest in expedition or faster transport.

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Game graphics:




Number of players: 1-4

Time: 60-90 minutes

Age: 10+


1x board 68x49cm

6 hero boards (12x9cm)

4 pawns

210 cards

60 expedition cards

50 quest cards

25 equipment cards

59 score cards

12 travel cards

4 mission cards (Patron)

108 chips

60 coin chips (28mm)

20 flare chips

12 medicament chips

4 round-stop chips

12 chips to characters

30x wooden cubes to mark discoveries on the map

1x dice K20

  • Components together: 360