Wizards’ Towers

Data: May 6, 2017

title: Wizards’ Towers

status: released (February 2017)

author: Jarosław Biliński

illustrations: Ludwik Łukaszewski (illustration of a cover) / Radosław Jaszczuk (graphics of cards)

Wizards’ Towers is a great entertainment for young and older players, giving them opportunity to fight using sorceries and spells in cards of elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The aim of this game is to build the highest tower using wooden structures taken from the Source, however, it is not easy because tower may be affected by Fiery Rain or Mudslide! The players may attack towers of the opponents using many sorceries and spells, block them or force them to take unwanted actions! The wizards may also defend their towers using special Sections and defend against spells using defensive sorceries.

Wizards’ Towers is a dynamic, fast game with very simple rules and simple mechanics – you need only two or three rounds to learn how to play!

Game for children

The youngest players may „cast spells” on the tower using recall cards and participate in construction race. Every young wizard builds his/her own tower and may cast spells. This mode is very easy, only one type of cards is used and children may improve their coordination and physical abilities.

Basic game

This mode is also for younger players, in which they can use sorceries from a special table. The main goal is still to build the tower as fast as possible, however, the players may attack structures of their opponents using sorceries and spells from a basic table.

Advanced game

In this mode, the rules of getting cards of elements and building sections are different. The wizards may also use new Special cards with stronger spells – as many as 33 new sorceries and spells.

Expert mode

All cards from advanced mode are used, but the rules of getting cards of elements are different. In this mode, you can purchase as many cards as you want, which makes the game more intensive!


Age: 8+

Time: about 30 minutes

Number of players: 2-4


55 cards

126 wooden blocks

12 tiles (sections)

Instruction manual (in Polish)

3x Player’s help card /Table of attacks