Creating BIG miniatures

Data: April 2, 2019

Miniatures in Guardians of Xobos were not considered until late 2016. After great deal of test plays players gave us lots of feedback regarding standees and many of testers told us to add nice minis in game. This idea appeared quite often, so we have decided to address it.




After redoing graphics of Guardians of Xobos we had key image, how Guardian should look like. So we have started process to turn his appearance into miniature.














Second stage was designing the miniature in way which would give Guardian maximum resemblance from box cover illustration. We focused on details and his pose.















When model was ready we have printed it on 3D printers to carry out tests. We loved game with minis, but two major problems appeared. First one concerned legs of Guardian – they were to wide and many miniatures on board collided each other because mini used too much space with such leg setup. Second problem was too small board and tiny spots for units. To clear out this problems, Guardian model was redesigned (legs and arms) and board size along with vital elements were increased by a lot.












Along the redesign process some details were added here and there.















Now it was time to prepare miniature to mass production. Model was cut into 8 pieces – that was necessary so manufacturer could keep all details we wanted to have. Please note that each part has its own mould. When everything was ready, files were send to manufacturer to prepare production and we were waiting for samples taken out of moulds.














Assembled  miniature samples arrived 4 months later. You can see production model on this picture! We really liked details, weight and overall look of Guardian mini! It was time to order final production samples to investigate quality of final miniatures!















They arrived in less then 3 months. At picture above you can see Guardian miniatures treated with wash. So, the whole process – from beginning to last step took us almost 2 years, but IT was worth of effort. Miniatures have great quality, detail and works in game perfectly!














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