Guardians of Xobos has launched on Kickstarter!

Junktech: Duel on Kickstarter!

May 9, 2019

Our latest project, card game for 2 players named Junktech: Duel is live on Kickstarter! This is very smull yet fun game where two players compete in brutal world of future to become hunter.To back this project visit this Kickstarter page [...]

“Guardians of Xobos” – final days on Kickstarter!

April 5, 2019

Our project “Guardians of Xobos” has its final days on Kickstarter and it’s almost funded! But funded or not, we are very happy we could show you our game. Adventure on Kickstarter was very stressful but during this journey we’ve meet wonderful people that offered us help in so many ways! And we had time […] [...]

Creating BIG miniatures

April 2, 2019

Miniatures in Guardians of Xobos were not considered until late 2016. After great deal of test plays players gave us lots of feedback regarding standees and many of testers told us to add nice minis in game. This idea appeared quite often, so we have decided to address it.       After redoing graphics […] [...]

Journey in time – developing Guardians of Xobos!

March 28, 2019

Let us take you on a journey in time! The very first draft of Guardians of Xobos was ready in 2009. The game, from the beginning, was based around the idea of “connection mechanics.” The prototype on the photo above, however, was changing for the next 6 years. During that time we made sure to […] [...]

“Guardians of Xobos” relaunched!

March 14, 2019

Our project was relaunched on Kickstarter – Guardians of Xobos are back on crowdfunding platform! We changed a lot of things there accordingly to received feedback from backers and player! Check out new page and back this great game, help it get funded! Project page on Kickstarter! [...]

Guardians of Xobos canceled!

March 4, 2019

This is sad moment, but we’ve decided to cancel this project for now. So what next? Feedback collected around internet gave us some ideas on how to improve this project and because we are 100% committed to Guardians of Xobos, we will seek ways to improve few things. So we are back to drawing board, […] [...]

Guardians of Xobos has launched on Kickstarter!

February 25, 2019

“Guardians of Xobos” is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Support this great project and help get it funded! KS link:     [...]

Guardians of Xobos on Kickstarter!

February 7, 2019

It’s certain! We launch our first Kickstarter campaign on February 25th to fund the production of our game – Guardians of Xobos! It is a very important moment for us and we have been preparing for it for a long time. We chose Guardians of Xobos because it is our most ambitious undertaking. Also, it is […] [...]