Journey in time – developing Guardians of Xobos!

Data: March 28, 2019

Let us take you on a journey in time!

The very first draft of Guardians of Xobos was ready in 2009.

The game, from the beginning, was based around the idea of “connection mechanics.” The prototype on the photo above, however, was changing for the next 6 years. During that time we made sure to test out different mechanics.

Trivia: In the first draft, Guardians were biomechanical “bugs,” rooted into the planet as they were, they couldn’t even move!












After 7 years of looking for the right way to build a dynamic gameplay, core mechanics were set up. Now it was time to represent the Xobos world visually. At the same time we tested the game with various players to get a detailed feedback on the game. There were, of course, some balance issues and downtime issues related to player sheets, but nonetheless, the first impression was quite good.

Trivia: At that time, player sheets (control panel for guardians) utilized 48 tokens!











In September 2016, the first game art was ready. The main focus of the graphics was to give players an impression that Xobos is a hostile and dangerous planet. We followed that thought and prepared a new prototype with beta graphics. We did a lot of changes during that time to the connection system and tested new mechanics to make everything smooth, intuitive and easy to operate with.

Trivia: Testing was so intense that we played 4-5 full games every single day and tried different solutions each game!












2017 was the most important year for the world of Xobos. In order to get as much feedback as possible, we travelled across the country (Poland) to visit testers and players. The prototype of the game had included some graphics on board and it started to look real. We were ready to show the game to a larger audience. Thus, it was time to visit game conventions for board game enthusiasts. Fortunately, the game was received very well, even better than we had expected. However, there was also a major problem…

Trivia: The first pages of the Rulebook included a comic book to introduce players to the history of Xobos, instead of a plot text.










At the beginning of 2018, we learned that players didn’t like the game art, nor the box cover or how it looked overall. Since there was more and more negative feedback about the design, we became very concerned and asked the public for their honest opinions. We received so much information and constructive criticism about Guardians of Xobos that we had to sit down and respond to all of them. Radosław Jaszczuk, a graphic designer and artist said that we would make a totally new approach. And he did it! In just 3 months, he created new graphics and reorganized the game visually. His outstanding work can now be seen in the final prototype.


Hope you enjoyed this short time travel 🙂

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